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Lost In The Catacombs

by Shivrag

Twothirteen 04:56
It 07:04
Manson 02:34


The boundless field of the unexplored inveigles its explorer, inviting him to merge into something more lively than what is called life. To death itself this way leads, to its riddles, and also to those who bring it. It’s obvious that homicide, as what frightens people most of all, holds something special, a certain light, freedom which cannot be defeated by prison or “psychiatry”, and the only what shivering society can do is to send the enemy into nonexistence, having become even more isolated in its fear. A serial killer is one of the embodiments of power bursting out of the boundaries of the narrow human world. And he leaves us no chance of doubt, because seriality in this case excludes the possibility of any misapprehension and proves to us the fatal decisiveness of the predatory will. Such messenger of death reaches his potency in the most eerie way, not just taking life away but as though absorbing it, as if it were a lost part of his essence... And the future victim is inexorably approaches this moment, as if it were her innermost choice. After all, we tread our paths out ourselves... More than just a victim, moving through the threads of the web, through a row of years, months and days, smoothly passing in her last hours, she eventually falls into the embrace of a spider having called her all this time, having yearned for her. A rendezvous of the spider and the butterfly beyond personalities. Waves of terror and scalding erotism of death. A date at the point of no return, amongst flowers blazing up with red fire. Who is this enigmatic spider? Hardly understandable even to himself, he disappears from view of curious... We are faced here with the most extreme mysteries, the most acute sacrament. A lonely reaper, led by his deep need, with faint note of melancholy is gathering his crop, planted, perhaps, as far back as childhood... Noiseless iron sickle is merely a reflection of something silent and indestructible shining from the eyes. Long, long day... but at sunset murderer’s hunger is still not appeased, and he is going further, into the dark... Even being locked in a cage, he keeps going...
In the solitude the murderer goes, in the solitude the musician also goes, having crossed the border of himself and having neither the ability nor the wish to turn back. With readiness for everything, even for the most black night, circled by poetry of Eternal like by an aura, poetry expressed in the language of music, he steps on unfamiliar territories. In the darkness, the spirit finds its bridge, and the tender conversation with Eternity turns into sinister love promising very unusual fruits. “The genuine reason is not one that is free of any compromises with insanity, but one that, on the contrary, considers it its duty to master the paths outlined by insanity”, said Foucault. So let us open our heart to Music and Death, even if it means to say Yes to insanity and chaos.


released June 6, 2020

Artwork: Poison Ivy
Art Design: Anastasia Månen-Valfreyja, Shivrag
Text Written By: Deadman R. k.
All Music By: Shivrag


all rights reserved



Noctivagant Albuquerque, New Mexico

For those who congregate in darkness...

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